Learn about Natural Stone


Celebrated in the Pharaoh’s tombs of the Egyptian pyramids and throughout Scotland as well as the Hindu temples in India – granite natural stone has been a celebrated surface for thousands of years. Coastal Kitchen and Bath is proud to offer more than 80 variations of this beautiful natural stone. Unsurpassed in durability and beauty, granite stone countertops and tile have a multitude of uses throughout your home and commercial architectural designs. Granite is often seen as kitchen and bathroom countertops, but has become a favored surface in mudrooms and utility workshop areas. Naturally stain resistant and easy to care for, Granite natural stone countertops are an excellent choice for your family.


Timelessly magnificent, limestone can be found throughout the world’s most famous structures, such as Egypt’s Great Pyramid, and many historical cathedrals and churches across Europe. Starting as shells, mollusks, and marine animals millions of years ago, limestone brings a truly unique natural quality to your home. Frequently used for flooring, limestone can be used in fireplace facades, kitchen backsplashes, as well as indoor or exterior medallion wall accents. Even when brought to a high polish, limestone retains a beautiful organic texture. It is not uncommon to see numerous well-preserved fossil impressions imbedded beneath the surface making limestone an excellent choice for areas in your home that you want to showcase. Add a sense of timeless value to your home with one of Coastal Kitchen and Bath’s varieties of limestone.


Marble has a varied beauty. With no two pieces ever identical, marble has fascinated artisans and decorators throughout history. The Greeks in their wisdom chose marble to add statuesque and thoughtful beauty to their homes and public places. The Romans carried it home from far corners of their empire, giving marble its time honored cache. Marble is a unique natural stone created by limestone deposits. Re-crystallized through the action of heat and pressure, marble literally morphs into its unique patterns, colors, and swirls. With its beautiful veining and patterns, marble always adds elegance to any kitchen. It also provides a lush backdrop for your perfect bathroom and is strong, durable, and easy to clean. Let Coastal Kitchen and Bath’s selection of over 25 shades and styles of marble transform your home.


Since ancient times, onyx was often mentioned in conjunction with various precious gems. Cultured people have often used onyx to create exceptional pieces of jewelry. A sedimentary stone transformed specifically by volcanic heated waters, onyx seems to retain an almost watery glow. Now you can have the luminescent quality of onyx within your home from our selection of onyx tiles. At Coastal Kitchen and Bath, we offer unique shades of onyx such as honey and carmel along with traditional whites. The exquisite shade of onyx green, has great potential for adding a rich, lush effect wherever it is used in your home. When back lit, many onyx colors will create a dramatic effect in your home.

Slate & Quartzite

Slate and Quartzite are valued for their beauty and durability. They have been sought out as flooring materials for centuries. Often seen in the past on laboratory counters, slate’s durability – as well as its sleek look – is now desirable by homeowners on surfaces throughout kitchens, bathrooms, and even living areas. Quartzite was once seen in outside terrace applications, but as people appreciate its natural beauty and incredible durability, quartzite, like slate, is finding artful and interesting uses in residential homes. Both slate and quartzite often carry a unique feature in their formation which will create a rusty patina when exposed to water, such as near swimming pools. Some homeowners find this unusual color coordinates with their furnishings and creates an exceptional look not found in other types of tile.


Travertine has a quiet natural beauty shaped by the unique features of each piece. A natural stone which has been highly affected by the forces of underground springs and subterranean rivers, travertine is the middle stage of limestone evolving into marble. When mined, voids (air pockets) of various and random sizes are created. This is caused by carbon dioxide bubbles that became trapped during the formation of the stone These voids truly lend travertine a depth not found in other types of tile. Romans used travertine for building temples, the Coliseum and a great variety of their architectural wonders, and its uses carried through to such beautiful buildings as the Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris. Travertine has a subtle elegance which lends it an old-world charm, from rustic to refined. This natural stone brings unique warmth to kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms.